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How To Get Free Food In Las Vegas

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Probably the most popular tourist attraction in the United States of America, Las Vegas is a star spangled hub for casinos, gambling, and a variety of music and stage performances. 

However, as much as one would like to believe that he or she would get free meals to eat in Las Vegas, you must, in fact, spend on other things if you want to get free meals out of your stay there.

For starters, unless you happen to live there, you will have had to shell out for the plane/train/bus ticket to get there, or paid a small fortune at the gas pump. You will also have to pay for a hotel room. Here are some tips to follow to get that elusive free food in Las Vegas:

1. Check out for tour packages. Budget tour companies often offer one-day bus trips to Vegas, the price of which included not only a certain number of chips from a given casino but also meal vouchers at that same casino. Even if you choose not to go the tour route, your hotel might also have an arrangement with a particular casino or casinos. 

2. If you do decide to play at a particular casino, go to the promotions booth right away and ask for a player’s card application. Fill the application out and hand it in right away, so as soon as you start playing you’ll start earning points that can later be redeemed for free meals and drinks. Whenever you play at a table game, present the card to the dealer, and when you play at a machine be sure to scan it in the card reader.

3. Remember, just like airline fares, casino promos go up and down depending on how much they need to fill seats. 

4. Check the Las Vegas Advisor, a paper which has listings of all the hot deals available at casinos – who’s offering cheap or two-for-one drinks, meals, or even free casino play.

5. If you are dining with children, there are a number of buffets offering reduced-price or even free meals to younger customers!

6. A trip to Las Vegas comes at no mean price. But if you want to go there anyway, just to check things out, you might as well take advantage of any that come your way. Cheers!

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How To Get Free Food In Las Vegas