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How to Peel and Seed Tomatoes

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The first step in preparation of tomato sauce is peeling and seeding tomatoes. Here’s how you can go about it.


Peeling the tomatoes

Remove stalk from tomatoSeparate small green stalk of the tomato with the help of knife.








Tomatoes immersed in boiling water

Boil a half pot of water (enough for submerging tomatoes). Once water gets boiled, dip tomatoes in water and allow them to remain in this way for almost 20-30 seconds or more. The skin will start splitting. Take care that tomatoes should not be overcooked.






Transfer the tomatoes from boiling water pot to cold water bowl. Immerse it completely in the cold water till the tomatoes are ready for the peeling.








Peeling tomatoes with knifeOnce the tomatoes are completely cooled then remove it from ice water and start gently peeling it with sharp knife end.







Seeding Tomatoes

For seeding cut the tomatoes into half.










Squeezing tomatoSqueeze half of the tomato in one hand and pull out the seeds with other.







Now the tomatoes are ready to be used in your favorite recipes.



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How To Peel And Seed Tomatoes