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How to Clean Olive Oil Bottles?

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Olive oil bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which make them great decorative pieces for dining tables and kitchen. However, before you can reuse them, you need to clean them well so that there’s no rancid left. Hence, know how to clean olive oil bottles and reuse them in a number of ways.

Olive oil bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.Things Needed:

For cleaning olive oil bottles, you need the following things:

•    Liquid dish soap
•    White vinegar


Cleaning olive oil bottle is really simple if you know and follow the right process. Follow these steps listed below to get the best results:

•    Take some water and heat it up. Take the emptied olive oil bottle and fill half of it with the hot water.
•    Add a few drops of the liquid dish-washing soap to the bottle. There are different kinds of dish washers available in the market and hence, choosing the right kind is important. Try using the soaps that are designed to cut grease (like, “Dawn”). These kinds of soaps work best for removing olive oil stains.
•    To the water, add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Vinegar contains acetic acid, a mild acid that can attack any alkalie. This in turn makes vinegar a great agent for removing oil dirt.    
•    Now, close the lid of the bottle tightly.
•    Shake the bottle containing the water, soap and vinegar solution, vigorously, so that the whole bottle is covered with the solution.
•    Once the whole bottle is filled with the liquid, allow the bottle to sit for a couple of hours. Keep shaking it periodically in the meanwhile. Shaking the bottle and letting it set for some time allow the solution to work on all the oil deposits on the walls of the bottles, which in turn, makes the cleaning process easier.
•    Once set, throw away the water within the bottle. Wash it with soap and hot water and rinse well.

Olive oil bottles can be reused in a number of ways once they are cleaned well. You can simply restore some herb infused olive oil in them. These not only give you some flavored oil, they also form great decorative pieces on your table. You can also use large olive oil bottles as iced tea and broth containers for the fridge. The smaller ones can be used to store fryer oil and meat drippings. You can also make lamps and vases out of the big olive oil bottles. Thus, clean the olive oil bottles well and reuse them in a number of ways.

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How To Clean Olive Oil Bottles?