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How to Slice & Serve a Pineapple

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Know how to slice&serve a pineapple to make your fresh fruit salad more attractive! Through this blog, I will teach you the simplest and the best techniques on how to slice & serve a pineapple in the most attractive way. With these easy to follow techniques, you can now slice pineapples at home instead of spending extra money on purchasing pre-sliced canned pineapples. Fresh is always the best and so, taste the flavors of fresh and juicy pineapple by feasting on freshly sliced pineapple. Use these fresh pineapple slices to make a fresh tropical juice, make fruit salad or simply use them to garnish cakes, mocktails and desserts. A ripe golden skinned pineapple with green leaves makes for a beautiful tropical fruit to be served at dinner buffets, picnics and social gatherings. The sweet and juicy flavor of a fresh pineapple can put any canned variety to shame. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover how to slice and serve a pineapple …

Things needed

For slicing and serving pineapple, you will need a fresh and ripe pineapple, a sharp knife, a cutting board, bamboo skewers, a tiki mug, a salad bowl and a serving platter.

Steps for slicing and serving pineapple 

Step 1 – First, place the pineapple on one of its sides and using a sharp kitchen knife, cut off the head of the pineapple. Keep the cross section as straight as possible.

Step 2 – Now, place the pineapple fruit upright on the cutting board and keep it standing by holding it firmly with the left hand. Next, slice a thin longitudinal section of the fruit following a downward motion. Make sure the cut comes out cleanly, preserving the maximum fleshy portion of the fruit. Keep turning the pineapple with each cut and continue peeling off the skin of the pineapple in this fashion until the entire skin of the pineapple is removed and the flesh is exposed. 

Step 3 – Watch out for the pineapple eye spots and remove, if any. Eye spots are usually present on a diagonal on the flesh of pineapple. To remove them, simply make a V-shaped groove diagonally across the flesh of the pineapple where the eye spot is and scoop out the flesh. The remaining flesh of the pineapple can now be sliced in different ways.

Step 4 – Slicing and serving pineapple in three different ways -

How to slice and serve a pineapple – option #1

slicing-and-serving-pineapple - round-pineapple-slicesLay the pineapple on its side and make 1/4" to 1/2" slices of the fruit, moving from top to bottom. When you reach the bottom of the fruit, slice the flesh close to the outer end. Next, cut the pineapple in quarters and arrange them on a large platter around the green leaves of the cut pineapple head. Serve the platter with a tiki mug filled with bamboo skewers, to make it easy for spearing the slices.

How to slice and serve a pineapple – option #2

slicing-and-serving-pineapple - bite-sized-pineapple-slices Lay the pineapple on its side and slice the fruit into two halves. Then, slice the halves into quarters, longitudinally. Now, cut out the tough inner core from the triangular pineapple slices and then cut the triangles into thinner sections. This reduces the pineapples to bite sized pieces. You can serve these pieces mixed with different tropical fruits in a bowl, as a tropical fruit salad. These pineapple pieces can also be used for garnishing cakes.

How to slice and serve a pineapple – option #3

slicing-and-serving-pineapple - pineapple-rings Slice the pineapples as given in option #1. Then, using a sharp knife cut out the cores of each  pineapple slice. This gives you pineapple rings. You can serve pineapple rings fresh as salad or use them as dessert decorative. You can also grill these beautiful rings and serve them with a tangy dip.

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How To Slice & Serve A Pineapple