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How To Kick Boredom Out Of Health Food – Add Flavor To Your Health

how to kick boredom out of health food and make it interesting to eat

Whole grains, fruits, green veggies…the list is unlimited but it doesn’t serve your taste buds in a satisfactory manner. “Health defies taste!”, claim the new-converts of the health-following. So much so that you feel bogged down and bored by health food. So, how to kick boredom out of health food?


Here are a few ways :-

•    Tempt your taste buds : You can tantalize your taste buds to make your health food interesting. So top up your steamed vegetables or  tofu or salads with vinaigrette ( a solution of vinegar, olive oil, mustard and lemon juice). You also get the herbed variant of the vinaigrette. So the flavor of herbs wafting through simply makes your health foods tasty as well. You could also use healthy dips such as guacamole (made of avocados) to side with your health food.

•    Variety is the spice of life, and a spicy slice of health as well: How to kick boredom out of health food such as grilled meat or boiled veggies, or a fruit salad bowl? Simple. For cooked food, try seasoning with fresh herbs, and go by what the season has to offer, so that you break free from the monotony. Drizzle a bit of honey over your fruit salad or make it low-fat yoghurt custard to add zest to the flavor.

•    Cheese : Low-fat cheese used for garnishing with indigenous spices of the cuisine can extricate blandness from your health-food. For instance, your vegetable salad or grilled meat  can be garnished with grated cheese. You can even grill cheese and season it with fresh herbs such as coriander and mint with a pinch of the herb-relishing spices.

•    The 'saucy ' Sauce : A variety of dips (low-fat ) to go with your health foods make it a delicious treat . The salsa (Mexican) or the mint chutney or the home-made tomato sauce not only makes your food luscious but also tasty to eat as well. Sauces are a wonderful way to kick boredom out of health food.

•    Toasted nuts : Pistachio or apricots; nuts are enriched with nutrients galore. And if your health food gets a crunch of these nuts, you deliver a lip-smacking delicacy out of your health-food. For instance, you could add toasted pine nuts to your spinach, broccoli or rabe preparation. You could also add nuts to your bowl of fruits or even desserts, or sprinkle a few on your dish. Powdered, toasted nuts add that tinge of unbeatable flavor to your meat or vegetable dish.

•    Bacon  : Turkey bacon rates high on health because of its low saturated fat content. Use the bacon crumbs on steamed or sautéed vegetables or for your turkey sandwich. Even pork bacon can be used, though not excessively. So the next time you want to pep up the plain-looking food, consider bacon for the dressing- and you kick boredom right- royally out of health food.

There is always variety in the offing only thing is you need to explore and go beyond boundaries to limitless creativity, which can be captured in a spirit to reach the goal at end- in this case to kick boredom out of health food!

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How To Kick Boredom Out Of Health Food – Add Flavor To Your Health