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Healthy Food Activities For Children – Be Wise To Make Them Healthy

When your little one always questions and rebels(especially with food) till sufficiently reasoned  with fun game and activities, it appears a terrifying task like, scaling up a mountain, whose summit seems hidden in the mists. Take a breather! You can plan out some healthy food activities for children, which will not only encourage your little one to eat healthy but also help him more on why eating healthy is important.
healthy food activities for children - Get them to gian health the fun wayMore so these days with a worldwide exposure to everything from a young age, kids too are equipped with some bit of knowledge about what’s in the food –market and the real tantalizing ones, which hold them in sway(unmindful of the health quotient they carry). So here you are in a battle of wits with your little one, who would insist on eating his salty crackers than having a cup of diced carrots. So how do you go about inculcating healthy food habits in children?  Simple. Explore some of the healthy food activities for children, which I am going to share with you.
•    Get them involved in the cooking process : Kids are a curious lot. So the adequate amount of fodder you feed their brain, the well they will be able to chew upon health. For instance, your kid relevant to his/her age-category may love to grow up to an athlete or some super-figure. Connect to that ambition, and slowly but surely keep saying how the making of this food will definitely pave way for becoming healthy and strong (with all the nutrients) thus reach the goal at end.
•    Make interesting recipes : Whatever you cook, present it well. The sense of sight is the first of perception of the dish you make and with kids especially, who enjoy variety galore in a myriad colors, make your dish colorful . For instance, if you are making a veggie-salad, you can do a bit of sculpting with the vegetables in the way of figurines or heroes or some characters which are your kids’ favorite, and highlight how the little character or figurine was able to perform feats because he ate all the veggies(but make sure not to make it too fantasy-like or encouraging dare-devilry, because you surely wouldn’t want mimicry of any stunts!). A very popular example is that of “Popeye the sailor” who patronized spinach. Your delicious bakes can be made nourishing with a addition of some nuts(if you have trouble including nuts in your child’s  diet), which you game it up like how many times the crunch was detected in the cake. The greater the count of crunches, the better will be the ‘finishing time’ for homework. Your recipes can feature most of the healthy food activities for children.
•    Get on to vegetable and fruit touring: Whenever you visit the market to buy veggies or fruits, do remember to tag along with the little one. The wide spectrum of colors and your slow processing of the goodness of nature each variety bears, will make learning fun and eating also a conscious experience. Your connotations of the fruits and veggies should be child-receptive.
•    Have Group fun to learn about the food pyramid : The food pyramid teaches as to what should be the portion of serving of each nutrient. You could also gather your child’s friends and have the requisite portions served for each nutrient mapping to on individual child. And then enact a play where an  adult rewards the child with healthy food habits. And the ones going high on junk food simply forebodes ill-health(featuring them as patients with low immune system, and subsequently a weak body).
healthy food activities for children - don the health-maker•    Craft activities : Drawing and painting different colored veggies and fruits can draw the child’s interest to the subject on hand and also make an imprint on his/her mind. For instance, an apple can be demonstrated as a figurine, between your child and the “wicked” doctor who is ready with a pill(bitter)  for the ailing child. Fruits and vegetables as lifesavers.  Clay modeling of fruits and some not-so-attractive vegetables can be sculpted as fearless warriors against an army of microbes (virus and bacteria ).
•    An eventful program once in a while : Give a stage-performance once in a while(Just a small dais). Make a parody of fruits and vegetables from the concept in nursery rhymes and ask the children of your apartment to participate. You could choose one theme at a time for these programs  for example a fancy dress for vegetables(the ones with high nutrient-value ), or one especially for fruits, against the background of a giant food-pyramid).

It is ultimately what you conjure up with a lot of sensibility to make healthy food activities for children, which are interesting and absorbing at the same time.
There are a wide range of options when it comes to healthy food activities for  children. Trust your parenting skills to understand what your child loves the most, and draw him to your mission for the love of it!

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Healthy Food Activities For Children – Be Wise To Make Them Healthy