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How To Clean A Coconut

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The traditional coconut scraper used by my granny. Coconut is a real tough nut to crack. The question, “how to clean a coconut” seems to arise as soon as you manage to open the coconut. As a kid I remember my granny had this traditional contraption, with which she would diligently scrape out all the coconut meat from the shell and use the fine coconut gratings to prepare heavenly delicacies. 

However, using this technique has 2 major flaws, firstly it is very difficult to find this contraption in the market, and secondly, I find that this is quite a tedious and accident prone technique.    


So, how do you clean coconut, you might wonder...well, here I have shared a real simple method of cleaning coconuts that will allow you to savor the delicately flavored meat without any sweat or cuts.                                                                                    


Break the coconut into smaller pieces Separating coconut meat from the shell

You will need an opened coconut and a flexible short knife to do this. 

Once you have opened the coconut, refrigerate the coconut halves for 2 to 3 hrs, the coconut meat will dry up slightly and shrink away from the shell, making the further process much easier. 

To remove the coconut meat, break the 2 coconut halves into smaller pieces by whacking them with the meat cleaver then, using a small flexible knife pry meat from the shell.                         

Coconut meat may be grated, chopped, or pureed. Processing the coconut meat:

Depending upon the recipe, you might need to grate, chop, or puree  the coconut pieces. Chopping can be done using a sturdy chopping knife, use can use a juicer or blender to puree the coconut, and grate the coconut using a simple cheese grater or the grater attachment of a food processor.


So, that’s how you clean a coconut and enjoy the tasty and healthy coconut meat. For further information on how to open a coconut and some easy coconut recipes do refer to the links provided. 


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How To Clean A Coconut