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A gordita is a typical Mexican lunch dish.

A Gordita is a thicker version of a corn tortilla, made with masa harina or corn flour. It is similar to a pasty. Gordita means "fatty" in Spanish. 

Gorditas can either be baked or fried. They are used to prepare a number of different type of dishes, including open faced sandwiches, wraps, and thin meat and cheese sandwich sections.

To make Gorditas, The masa or corn meal dough is created by adding water and then shaped into a round section resembling a thick tortilla. Raw gorditas are placed on a griddle or in a skillet, allowing just enough time to brown the exterior before flipping the cakes over to brown the other side. In most cases, the gordita is immediately cooked after being filled, which gives this dish its characteristic fat shape (hence the reason of its name).

Once the gorditas are cooked, there are a number of ways to serve them. As a snack, the gorditas may be topped with cheese, olives, and cooked meats, and placed in a toaster oven for the cheese to melt. The result is like a mini-pizza that can be cut into sections. 

A gordita can be stuffed with just about anything, starting from vegetables and salsa, to refried beans, or chicken, nopalitos, carne al pastor, frijol con queso, huevo con chorizo, picadillo, etc. It is a typical Mexican lunch dish.

The most traditional gordita in Mexico is filled with ‘chicharrón prensado’, a type of stew made with pork rind and spices, and is called ‘gordita de chicharrón’, which has become an icon of the Gordita. It can be found almost everywhere in Mexico.

In Durango and others states of Northern Mexico, gorditas are commonly made from wheat flour instead and looks more like small pita breads.

Gorditas and their variations are also serves in many fast food chains, like Taco Bell.


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