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Limit Your Portions For A Healthy Meal

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Being healthy is a lot about eating right; and when we talk about eating right, we not only mean the right kind of food, but also the right quantity of food. The secret to a successful diet is to limit your portions for a healthy mealTherefore, the secret to a successful diet is to limit your portions for a healthy meal. While eating smaller portions may sound like a big challenge, in reality, it is quite easily achievable. All you need to do is, keep these few points in mind:

•    Monitor the Amount of Food on Your Plate:
Being healthy is a lot about making conscious decisions at different stages, and the first step starts with being conscious about the amount of food you are taking in. To limit your portions, it is important that you place small amounts of food on your plate and not go on adding extra spoonfuls. Serve yourself only the food that you need to eat in order to be full and ensure that the serving has a good balance of vegetables and fruits.

•    Go For Small Meals:
Normally we have three important meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to limit your portions for a healthy meal, instead of having three huge meals, go for smaller meals. You can refill the gap with a couple of healthy snacks or fruits whenever you feel hungry. Such frequent eating in small portions allows you to continuously get energy without feeling too hungry at any single point of time.

•    A Glass of Water with Every Meal:
Every meal should be supplemented with a glass of water. Sipping water along with your meal actually fills you up quite fast, which in turn helps you eat lesser.

•    Make Use of Smaller Plates and Bowls:
Use smaller plates and utensils as frequently as you can. This will not only limit your portions, the frequent refilling will also trick your mind into believing that you are eating more. Arranging the plates in the kitchen and not serving portions from the dining table directly is another effective trick. As a result of this, every time you need to refill your plate, you need to go to the kitchen. This, in turn, not only lets you monitor your portions, but also indirectly lets you avoid second helpings.

•    Avoid Watching Television while Eating:
While this may sound strange, but watching television while eating is the perfect way of ruining all your efforts of eating portion meals. With such distractions, we actually end up eating continuously, for longer durations and in more quantities. Instead, if we concentrate on our eating process, controlling our portions become much easier.
Thus, if we you can keep these basic tips in mind, limiting portions at meal becomes absolutely simple. Limiting portions at meal and controlling portion sizes is nothing but a test of your ability to practice moderation. Thus, with just a little bit of determination and willingness, you can easily lead a healthy life and meet your weight loss goals.  

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Limit Your Portions For A Healthy Meal