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How To Eat Caviar De Carpa

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Caviar De Carpa is a tasty Mexican traditional dish. This caviar de carpa is made from the delicate roe of carp and is a deadly combo of tarragon vinegar, green chile peppers and black olives in a zesty tomato mixture. Do you want to know how to eat Caviar De Carpa? Well, it’s not that hard. Here’s how to eat them. How to eat Caviar De Carpa
How to eat Caviar De Carpa
1) Caviar De Carpa can be eaten with tortillas. Both corn and flour tortillas are an authentic part of the cuisine. Traditional corn tortillas are handmade, thicker than mass produced ones and served warm
2) You may serve it on a soft and warm tacos, top with your favorite salsa and enjoy.
3) You may eat beans with Caviar De Carpa. The beans used in authentic dishes should be black or pinto beans. Refried beans use pinto beans cooked until they've very tender, fried in bacon fat or lard and mashed.
4) Relish the addition of tomatoes in authentic Caviar De Carpa. Mexican cuisine features chopped tomatoes in salsas and other dishes.
5) Enjoy Caviar De Carpa with white cheeses. Common varieties in authentic cheese are Panela, Queso Blanco and Queso Fresco.
6) You may spice up Caviar De Carpa with more chile peppers, cumin and oregano. Use fresh, smoked, dried and powdered, they give a special spiciness to the dish.
7) To enjoy the taste of Caviar De Carpa eat it with some lime juice and diced onions and cilantro.
8) Enjoy it hot topped with a choice of salsas and cheese.
9) It can be served with vegetables or as a spread on unsalted crackers. You can have it as bread spread too.
Learn how to make/prepare Caviar De Carpa by following the easy recipes available on Caviar De Carpa is worth a try!

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How To Eat Caviar De Carpa