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How to Eat Londi

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In this blog I will share with you some useful tips on how to eat londi. Londi is an Afghan delicacy and once you acquaint yourself with the ways on how to eat londi, you can discover a lot about Afghan cuisine. The Afghans love spicy food and this, you will discover soon when you eat londi. Afghan food in general, is best described as the unique combination of Turkish food and North Indian food. So, if you are a fan of Indian, Greek, Turkish and Lebanese food, you will surely love eating londi. But, before we discover how to eat londi, let’s discover what this food is all about.

Discovering the flavors of londi

Londi is a flavorful non-vegetarian dish. To be precise, the Afghan londi is a jerky dish. The dish is perfectly spicy. Londi in Afghan language means spiced jerky. In many Afghan restaurants, the food is sold under the name of gusht-e-qaaq, which is the alternate name of londi. 

Tips on how to eat londi

discover-how-to-eat-londiIf you are game to dig into some real spicy fare, then, there’s no stopping you from this wonderful Afghani dish. The best times for eating londi are during lunch and dinner. Londi is a dry meat dish and so, it is best savored as a starter before you begin your main course meals. In Afghanistan, people eat this delicacy along with other starters like kebab and manfu. While the kebab is grilled skewered meat, the manfu is a plate of meat dumplings. Much often the londi and other starters are served with delicious dips and sauces, most of which have a tangy flavor and a sour taste. Often these dipping sauces are yogurt based. Sometimes though, londi and the other dry meat dishes may also be served with naan, a special kind of bread. In rare cases, rice is also accompanied with londi. In elaborate Aghan meals though, londi is mainly eaten as a starter food. Afghan eating style is similar to traditional Indian or Pakistani eating style and they prefer eating with hands, sitting on the floor. You can follow these traditional eating etiquettes if you want to get the pure experience of eating Afghan food. 

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How To Eat Londi