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How To Eat Tamales

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Tamales is an authentic Mexican dish which is made from corn doughIf you know how to eat tamales, you can assure yourself that you had the pleasure of having one of the traditional Mexican dishes. This is a dish which is made from masa which is corn dough. This corn dough in boiled and also steamed in a wrapper made from leaves. You can eat tamales with vegetables, cheese as well as meat and with any type of filling you desire.

Tamales was considered to be one of staple foods of Mexicans, which has now spread across the world. You get to eat different versions of this dish which is prepared as per the taste preferences of the local people.

Here are some interesting facts about tamales which you can know before eating.
• There are around 1000 types of tamales available all around Mexico. Every region has its own variety of tamales.
• Tamales are considered to be a comfort food and are eaten for dinner as well as breakfast.
• Tamales can be eaten with champurrado as well as atole.
• You can have tamales from street vendors and also in the leading restaurants of the region.

Tamales in Mexican cuisine:
• If you have tamales in Mexico, you will find that tamal is placed inside a bread roll so that a torta de tamal is formed.

Tamales looks like a roll with its filling - delicious and healthy
• Torta de tamal is eaten as a late lunch.
• Fillings of chicken and pork are often added to tamales.
• Pink colored sugar is also added many times to the corn mix which is then filled with different types of raisins and dry fruits to make it a very sweet tamal.
• In case you are not much interested in tamales filling, you can have a ‘deaf’ tamal or a filling less Tips on how to eat tamales in its different variationstamales.
• Filling less tamales are eaten with coffee.

Variations can be brought in tamales in many different ways:
• If you wish you have use plaintain leaves instead of corn husks.
• You can also eat it with banana leaves.
• Tamales is often eaten in its square shape which is quite large and thick too.
• Chard leaves are also used in tamales but this is less common. Chard leaves can be eaten with the filling.

Eating tamales in other countries:
In north Argentina
– you can tamales with boiled head of a lamb, shredded meat or pork. Humita is another version which can taste salted as well as sweet. If you choose sweet ones you can have them with raisins while salted ones are eaten with cheese.
In Peru and Bolivia: You will be eating tamales in spicy form which are wrapped in banana leaves.
Lima: You can eat tamales with chicken or pork fillings which are eaten with boiled eggs and olives.

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How To Eat Tamales