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How To Eat Calabaza - Melons and Gourds

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Tips on how to eat calabaza everydayIf you are looking for different ways of how to eat calabaza, you will be happy to know that these different types of melons and gourds can be eaten by including them in many recipes. Calabaza can be eaten in stews, candies and cakes...and with other vegetable dishes also. Here are some interesting ways of eating calabaza.

Calabaza stew: This is another very nutritious soup which is eaten by Mexicans on a day to day basis.

• You will be eating calabaza in a pigeon pea soup.
• It tastes lovely with ham and cilantro.
• Squashes can also be added in your calabaza stew to enhance its taste.
• You will love the taste of calabaza stew when you season it  with salt and pepper.

Calabaza in vegetables:
• Calabaza can be eaten in your many vegetable dishes. You can have it in its small diced forms in your cabbage dish or peas and potato curry.
• You can eat calabaza for your dinner in its baked form. You will just have to season it with pepper for Calabaza can be eaten with other vegetables as a soupadditional taste.
• If you love the taste of calabaza, you can steam it and them make a paste. This can then be eaten in pies – it is full of vitamin C and will be very good for your health.
• Calabaza can make a great side dish for your everyday diet. You can eat its boiled form. Normally, the inner flesh of calabaza is scooped out and then boiled before eating.
• You can also scoop out the inner fleshy parts of calabaza and then bake it in your oven. Add some of your favorite seasonings and enjoy baked calabaza.

Calabaza as dessert – It has a very sweet taste due to which it can be a very popular dessert also. The seeds of calabaza are also eaten when they are toasted. They can be added to other vegetables or sprinkled over roasted chicken or beef for additional dessert.
Calabaza can be eaten as a yummy cake • Calabaza cake is very popular – boiled and then smashed calabaza is used in the cake. It gives the cake a very unique flavor.
• Many people love to drink the juice of calabaza after chilling it. It is rich in vitamin A and C and thus can be said to a good option for meals and desserts.
• Calabaza can also be used in making pudding. It gives puddings and pies a new flavor and a change from the normal and regular puddings which we have almost everyday.
• Calabaza candies are very popular among children. These can be purchased very easily. Children are quite fond of these calabaza flavored candies and love to carry it to school
• Calabaza cookies are also quite delicious – the paste of calabaza is added during the process of making these cookies.

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How To Eat Calabaza - Melons And Gourds