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How To Eat Mixiotes - Barbecued Meat Dish

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If you are looking forward to have a barbecued meat dish from Mexico, you need to learn how to eat Mixiote is a traditional barbecued meat dish - very popular in Mexicomixiotes. This is a very traditional meat dish which is prepared in an oven. Mutton, chicken or rabbit is used in making the dish along with several spices which includes bay leaves, garlic, cumin, thyme and marjoram. When you eat mixiotes, you will realize that the meat is cubed along with its  bone, seasoned with spices and then wrapped up with the help of leaves of maguey to give it a lovely flavor.

Eating mixiote in its different versions is quite common in the restaurants of Mexico. If mixiote is prepared at home, it is given a personalized touch by adding choicest spices keeping in mind the individual preferences of those who will eat it. Here are some ways of eating mixiote and enjoying its lovely flavor.

• Mixiote is normally made with cubed meat – if you wish to bring a change in the look of the dish, you can cut meat in different shapes. A different shaped meat is not going to make a difference in the taste of the dish...but will make it look attractive.
• A lot of variations can be brought with the wrapping which is used in the dish. Maguey plant can be replaced if you do not like its taste. There are many restaurants which do not use maguey plant but they use cabbage plant leaves in its place. Cabbage leaves bring about a different taste to the dish.
• Diced nopales are used to wrap the meat in many restaurants.Tips on how to eat different variations of mixiotes
• Mixiotes de carnero is one of the specialized and popular variety of mixiote which is considered to be a specialty dish of Hidalgo, Puebla and Tlaxcala.
• This popular dish is also flavored with avocado leaves.

Tips on how to eat mixiote:
• When you are eating mixiote you should always remember to remove its foil first.
• Once the foil is removed, you should place each such mixiote in a soup bowl.
• When you start eating the mixiote, you will love to unwrap its foil and let the flavored juice flow in the bowl which has vegetables and meat. It is a rare experience which helps the diner to enjoy the flavor and taste of mixiote completely uninterrupted.
• You can squeeze in some fresh lime juice to your mixiote before eating. It will enhance the taste of mixiote and add a tanginess to the dish.
• You can eat  mixiote with its traditional accompaniments of corn tortillas and salsa verde.
• Mixiote can be eaten just before your dinner or lunch. It is more of a side dish and is sometimes served as an appetizer.


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How To Eat Mixiotes - Barbecued Meat Dish