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How To Eat Cajeta? – Cajeta Here, Cajeta There, Cajeta Everywhere - For The Zealously Mexican !

When you think of the Mexican and confectionaries, then Cajeta should be the first thing to spring up in your mind. What is cajeta? How is it prepared and how to eat cajeta, to enjoy the taste of Mexican confection in its truest flavor?
how to eat cajeta? - The mexican treat for any eat
Cajeta is basically caramelized goat’s milk. It could be a mix of cow’s and goat’s milk as well. The milk is sweetened, and along with other ingredients, is allowed to simmer for quite some time till it thickens to a large extent.
For the aficionados of Mexican cuisine, cajeta may be an add-on or topping to a mélange of dishes, but for the novice, a few tips on how to eat cajeta can help derive the best flavor of the confection.
•    If you are fond of ice –creams and are looking for ways to beat the heat with an ice-cream, then a drizzle of cajeta on your ice-cream adds to the icy splendor.
•    How to give a twist to the tale of a bread toast?  Jam, butter, peanut butter, cheese are the routine accompaniments. How about the Mexican syrup as a spread? Indeed, a yum way to eat the cajeta.
•    Not only toast but other bakes such as waffles, pancakes and crepes can use cajeta as a spread.
•    Cajeta can be used as a dip for fruits such as strawberries , apples and others of the like, just to add to the fruity flavor.
•    If you think that the oatmeal you have prepared needs a bit of pep-up, then add a spoon of cajeta to it, when it is piping hot.
•    You can add greater taste to your blueberry, bran, or maple muffins by adding a drizzle of  the ‘sweetener’ .
•    Now, if your brownies look mundane with the typical accompaniments, then simply swirl them in cajeta. This is one novel way to eat cajeta.
•    Your beverages, be it coffee or tea can get a ‘high in the spirit’ by adding a spoon of cajeta to the cup of the drink when it is hot.
•    Milk in all its pure-white appearance can get a ‘face-lift’ in looks and taste with a ‘dash of cajeta seeping into the substance of milk and well, making you take in nutrition in a wholesome, forthcoming way.
•    The best way to eat cajeta, can also be ,'eat it straight from the cup', in its natural form.

With all those lip-smacking tips on how to eat cajeta, do you feel the fervor and passion rising, to make a dash for the food-item and make your day, the cajeta-way?

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How To Eat Cajeta? – Cajeta Here, Cajeta There, Cajeta Everywhere - For The Zealously Mexican !