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How To Eat Kichre Quroot

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So you are fond of Afghan cuisine and you want to get some tips on how to eat kichre quroot? If you are in Afghanistan you will get the chance to eat kichre quroot in its most authentic style…and in case you do not know how to eat it, do not worry! Here is how you can eat kichre quroot. How To Eat Kichre Quroot
Tips on How To Eat Kichre Quroot
• You will be eating basmati rice or long grained rice.
• The dish is made of rice with mung beans and small meatballs on top
• As toppings you can have fried carrots – very finely sliced or raisins.
• To make the kichre quroot tastier, you can add almonds and pistachios to it.
• It can be eaten during festivals, marriages and special occasions.
• It is ideally eaten for lunch.
• Kichre quroot does not require any side dish. But if you want you can enjoy it with deep fried eggplants, baked potato (French fries) and mango pickle too.
• Several vegetables are added in many restaurants to make Kichre Quroot nutritious and very tasty.
• Afghani spices are replaced by local spices. Suppose you choose to eat Kichre Quroot
• Kichre Quroot should always be served hot.
• Dish up the rice, make a hole in the center, pour the quroot or soft curd cheese on top of the rice and add the meatballs on top.
• Before serving infuse with the last-minute addition of dried mint or finely chopped mint an
• Garnish with copped cilantro / coriander leaves and serve with some yogurt, ghee or Indian pickle.
Kichre Quroot if made correctly and with the right spice has tremendous medicinal properties. Your kids and family would definitely enjoy eating kichre quroot so, go ahead and try it out this weekend. For the recipe visit

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How To Eat Kichre Quroot