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How To Eat Ceviche?

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Ceviche Seafood lovers know how to eat ceviche – this is a very popular dish of the coastal regions of South America. It is made with raw fish which is marinated in some fresh lime or lemon and then smartly spiced up with chili peppers. Mexican restaurants serve ceviche with their additional seasoning of salt, pepper and onion. Eating ceviche is a new experience for anyone who hasn’t tried much of sea food – but due to its several variations, it often becomes difficult to decide if you actually ate the authentic Mexican ceviche which you were looking forward to, or tried something else.

During my recent visit to the southern States, I got several opportunities to taste ceviche. I had it with additional seasoning of salt, pepper as well as onions. I had it with side dishes which I was told would complement the flavor of the dish. I ate ceviche with lettuce, corn, avocado and sweet potato.

Later, during my travel, I got a chance to have many variations of ceviche. Most countries offered their own individual touch to ceviche through their own garnishing. Here are some very popular versions of ceviche.

The true Mexican style:

• You will be eating ceviche served to you in cocktail cups.

• These are served with tostadas or taco fillings.

• In Mexican ceviche you will be eating it in a sumptuous base which is made from shrimps, squids, tuna, octopus or mackerel.

• The flavor of cilantro which is used in marinating ceviche is usually very strong and makes it unique to Mexican ceviche.

• Tomatoes also dominate the taste of ceviche.

• Ceviche is a traditional cuisine and often eaten on an everyday basis.

• Eat it with ginger bread or enjoy it with rice.

Eating ceviche in Peru:

• If you get the chance to eat ceviche in the restaurants of Peru, you will be eating chunks of fish (raw) that have been marinated in bitter orange juice or lime. You will also get to eat it with sliced onions, salt and pepper beautifully blended in the dish.

• Cebo or sea bass is normally eaten in this dish.


Eating ceviche in Panama:  

• You will love the taste of sea food blended with chopped onions, lemon juice, habanero pepper along with sea salt.

• It is mainly eaten as an appetizer.

• You can eat it in local restaurants, during festivals and parties.

• You can eat it with squids, octopus and shrimps.

• It is often served in little pastry shells which are known as canastitas.

Eat it in Philippines:

• You will love the taste of cubed fishes which are served to you in a sauce.

• Eat it as an appetizer or as your light lunch with rice.

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How To Eat Ceviche?