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How To Eat Dampukht – Flavored Oven Cooked Dishes

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Dampukht cooking in progress - closed vessels cooking meat and riceDampukht is actually oven cooking which is now said to be one of the refined forms of cooking in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Those who haven’t tried out cuisines from this region need to know how to eat dampukht food to enjoy the true taste of these dishes.

I have seen women from Afghanistan prepare several delicacies in this traditional style of cooking. It is slow oven cooking and is mostly done in sealed containers. You will love the taste of dampukht food because the food gets cooked in its own juices. If eating dampukht is completely new to you – here are some tips to enjoy these foods.

Dampukht biriyani:
• This is a wonderful combination of rice and meat cooked over low heat. You will love the wonderful aroma as soon as the lid of the container is opened and you are served a spoonful of the rice.
• Dampukht biriyani is eaten mainly during special occasions such as weddings and engagements. It is a compulsory item of Afghani and Pakistani marriages and engagements.
• Dampukht biriyani can be made of lamb meat or chicken, though lamb is always preferred.

Mutton dampukht biriyani - lamb and rice cooked over low heat
• It is usually eaten for lunch or dinner.
• Dampukht biriyani tastes wonderful with side dishes such as spiced chicken or lamb.

Dampukht pulav:
• This is typical flavored rice cooked by the process.
• The rice is flavored with several spices.Pulav is dampukht rice with vegetables and spices
• Those who are fond of vegetables can eat it as vegetable dampukht pulav. If they choose to eat it with vegetables, they can include vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower and carrots.
• Dampukht pulav can be eaten with chicken or lamb curry or any other spicy vegetable dish as per choice.
• It is normally eaten during special occasions such as weddings, festivals and other celebrations.

Dampukht potato: I ate this type of potato in Kabul in a very small restaurant – but the taste and aroma of this spicy potato will be cherished by me always. I never knew that potato can be so sumptuous when cooked in this technique – it had a unique softness which is just perfect.
• Dampukht potato is spicy and very soft.
• It can be eaten as your regular food for lunch or for dinner.
• I ate it with a filling of coconut and meat which was excellently blended into the potato.
dampukht lamb is spicy and extremely delicious • It can be eaten with ‘roti’ or ‘naan’.

Dampukht meat: I love the taste of meat cooked in this style…this is the only way by which the juices of meat gets retained and help in the cooking of the meat. Its flavors give it a lovely aroma which mainly comes from the whole spices which are used in the cooking. Here are some ways of eating dampukht meat:

Dampukht lamb:
• You can eat small boneless pieces of lamb in spicy gravy.
• Lamb pieces become extremely soft with prolonged cooking.
• You can eat dampukht lamb curry with biriyani or pulav.

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How To Eat Dampukht – Flavored Oven Cooked Dishes