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How to Eat Ogokbap

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Today, I will tell you how to eat Ogokbap. Before you start raising your eyebrows and knocking your brain for recalling if you have ever heard of this food, let me tell you this a traditional Korean delicacy. In other words, Ogokbap in Korean language means five grain rice. Although, rice forms the staple diet of the Korean eaters, they also take interest in other types of grains. The grains included in Ogokbap are the regular glutinous rice, glutinous millet, dried sweet beans, and dried black beans. However, the grains that are used in this meal may differ according to the geographical differences. 

Eating Ogokbap in the traditional way

Traditionally, the Koreans prepare the Ogokbap with the combination of grains, which, they have planned to plant in the year ahead. They eat the Ogokbap steamed, which is cooked until all the grains have soaked in the water well and expanded. In the yesteryears, the Koreans ate Ogokbap as a substitute for Yakshik. This meal was mainly a commoner’s soul food who couldn’t afford to buy chestnuts, jujubes and pine nuts for cooking Yakshik on the occasion of the first full moon day. If you prefer eating Ogokbap in the true Korean way, then, eat the delicacy sharing it with three different families. This is how the Koreans eat this food. They believe that Ogokbap when eaten this way brings good luck in the following year.

eating-ogokbap-in-Korean-wayEating Ogokbap in the festive season

According to the traditional customs, the Korean people prefer eating Ogokbap accompanied by dry herbs. But, this tradition is mostly reserved for the Jeongwoldaeboreum festival. This day marks the starting of the New Year in Korea. You can prepare the meal yourself by cooking the potherbs with dried pumpkin, muknamul, mushiregi, braken, torandae, chwinamul and chamnamul. When Ogokbap is eaten with these potherbs, it’s said to boost in your inner energy. You can relish this preparation in the winner, summer or spring months.

Eating Ogokbap in the modern Korean way

The grainy Ogokbap can also be eaten differently. For example, you can add Ogokbap in your choice of Korean soups. Sometimes, you can have this five-grain combination with different Korean side dishes ranging from non-vegetarian to vegetarian specialties. 

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How To Eat Ogokbap