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How To Eat Bibimbap

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Bibimbap looks colorful with rice and seasoned vegetablesYou must learn how to eat bibimbap if you wish to learn about Korean dining. It is one of the most authentic dishes of Korea which represents Korean food culture and etiquette. It is a mixed rice dish which is normally served as a bowl of rice that is deliciously topped with seasoned vegetables along with gochujang ( paste of chili and pepper). Several additions can be made to this dish such as sliced meat and fried egg.

Eating bibimbap is a great experience as you can eat this dish in its many variations. While learning how to eat bibimbap I realized that we need to stir all the ingredients very well first before eating it – this way we shall be able to enjoy its true taste. It tastes marvelous when it is served hot.

• Bibimbap is a common dish which is prepared on everyday basis. To bring about a variation in the dish – different vegetables are used to prepare it. Some vegetables which can be used are bellflower root, julienned cucumber, mushrooms, spinach, sprouts and also soybean.
• Those who are fond of meat and fish need not lament as chicken and sea food is often added. You can try out variations by having beef or lamb as substitutes – especially when you have this food on a regular basis at home.
• If you eat it in any restaurant, you will be delighted by the colorful representation of the vegetables. Vegetables are usually placed in a way so that they complement each other and the dish looks colorful.

Beef and lamb can also be added to bibimbap to make it more tasty

Tips to eat bibimbap:
• You can eat it with the help of chopsticks – these chopsticks will also help you to mix the hot pepper paste in the rice.
• Once you have mixed the pepper paste, you can use a spoon to eat the rice with some other side dish.
• You can eat this dish in a large bowl with the rice just at the bottom while the other ingredients are on top.
• You can also eat it by placing the rice in a bowl and the other ingredients in a separate bowl.
• It tastes best when you eat it with a bowl of very light soup.

Dolsot bibimbap: This is a very popular variation of this dish. Dolsot means stone pot.Dolsot bibimbap with raw egg is served in a very hot pot
• You are right! The rice is served in a very hot bowl which is made of stone.
• Raw egg is cooked just against the side portions of this unique bowl.
• The bowl is actually so hot that anything which touch this bowl sizzles for several minutes.
• Rice which is served in this bowl has a golden brown and a very crispy taste.

Image courtesy: diaryofanovicecook.blogspot; kimjh125.wordpress; closetcooking.blogspot.

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How To Eat Bibimbap