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How To Eat Namul

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So you are fond of Korean cuisine and you want to get some tips on how to eat Namul? Well, before I divulge all the secrets on how to eat Namul, I would like to tell you about the basics of the dish. How To Eat Namul
If you are fond of Korean cuisine you will know that Namul is a general term for a Korean seasoned vegetable dish. However, the name of the dish may vary depending on what kinds of vegetables are being used and how they are prepared. If you love food and want to experience the diverse flavors and textures of Korean cuisine then you cannot afford to skip Namul from the menu. I learned how to eat Namul during my very first visit to Korea and was totally bold over. Let me tell you that there’s no special expertise required for eating Namul kuai, but if you know how to eat Namul with the right combo of main dishes, you can relish this Korean delicacy all the more. So, today I am going to reveal to you how to eat Namul in the different Korean variations. Korean cuisine is not just about eating a luscious mix of fresh herbs, vegetable and spices. It is also about giving respect to the tradition and culture of this land. Here’s how you eat Namul
Tips on eating Namul
1. Namul is served hot as a side dish.
2. It is generally paired with a main dish of plain sticky rice or bland stir fried noodles on the side.
3. Namul is a popular accompaniment to many Korean meals. Mainly this served dish for lunch or dinner. It tastes best when eaten in combination with rice noodles.
4. Namul as a complete dish can be served with crusty bread or corn bread.
5. As Namul is a dish accentuated with a spicy flavor, it goes well with fresh green cabbage.
6. Before eating Namul try to sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.
Want to try making Namul at home then do refer to these recipes on and savor your very own homemade Namul.

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How To Eat Namul