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How To Eat Ojingeo Deopbap - Rice with Cuttlefish

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 how to eat Ojingeo Deopbap

Koreans are fond of rice and you will find them having rice in every meal. I was taught how to eat ojingeo deobap by my Korean friend when I visited her for a month. Ojingeo deopbap is a very tasty rice and cuttlefish dish which is a staple food of most Korean homes. Since rice is eaten everyday, Koreans love to have it with meats, vegetables, tofu and fish.


While eating ojingeo deopbap I realized that it was made of roasted cuttlefish – a very hot pepper based sauce is normally served with this dish. I liked its spicy taste in the first bite and wondered about the different spices which would have been used in the making of this dish. This was the first time I tasted ojingeo deopbap. Later on, I had several opportunities of eating this dish in different places of Korea and found it being eaten in different ways.

• Roasted cuttlefish tastes different in different restaurants of Korea. In some places it has a strong taste of chili and pepper while in other places it has lovely aroma of fresh lemons. Soy sauce dipped

Ojingeo Deopbap

roasted cuttlefish with rice is also very common.

• There were restaurants where cuttlefish was served to us along with squids. The taste of hot pepper was however common in all such preparations.

• The roasted cuttlefish can be eaten in a separate gravy, you can eat the rice in a separate bowl…this is a good option for those people who hate to mix rice with gravy.

• In some places I found, that roasted cuttlefish with its thick spicy gravy served on top of the rice. This gave the rice a lovely sauce base.

• If you try to eat the dish in its most traditional style, you wont be eating it with vegetables. However, in recent times, to fulfill the demands of the customers, rice is served with vegetables which are all mixed in the sauce. I found broccoli, potatoes, eggplants and even pumpkin.

• There are variations brought in the rice too which is served. I found this dish served with plain rice in many places and sometimes with other grains too – like barley and millets. It is a welcome change – worth trying.

• To enhance the taste of rice you can add some beans and chestnuts also.

• In one of the restaurants we found that there was an option of eating rice gruel too – this was excellent for sick people and elderly and those who suffered from health issues.

When should you eat?

• You can eat this dish as a part of your lunch and dinner.

• It is a staple food in social events and parties where people gather in large numbers.

Eat ojigoe dish and relish its morsel.

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How To Eat Ojingeo Deopbap - Rice With Cuttlefish