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How to eat omelette in a mug? – Eggs, omelette and mugs

Changing lifestyles, fast-paced life, fed by variety to keep in pace with the change…how else will you keep boredom at bay? Breakfast time..Omelets? Nay, How about trying to eat omelette in a mug?

For those, who are not very familiar with the technique of eating or cooking omelette in a mug, here is a ‘quick-dip’ into how the omelette is prepared.

In a microwave-safe cup, along with the liquid egg-whites, you can use a few variants to add variety to the way you eat omelette in a mug. Here is how :

•    To the cup containing the eggs, you could add diced bell peppers, or tomatoes or any other vegetable of your choice.

•    If meat is a favourite then you could also add diced cooked ham or bacon to make your omelette in the mug idiomatic of  ‘like ham and eggs together’.

•    For the seasonings, you can add salt or pepper or even some fresh dried herbs of your choice to make the dish a ‘ herb-ed’ favourite.

Now for some tasteful sides/toppings to help you with on how to eat  omelette in a mug :-

•    You can top up the omelette in the mug with cheddar cheese or shredded cheese.

•    You can also have a tomato-sauce dip, to side with your omelette, for a spicy ‘n’ tangy flavor.

•    The traditional buttered toast of bread to go with the omelette in a mug…the difference being that ‘you daintily ‘scoop’ out’ the omelette from the mug , whereas you may painfully have to tear the same from a plate; to pair with your bread.

•    Baked tomatoes with garlic make up a side for your dish and so does marinated mushrooms.

•    A cucumber salad with slices of palm-hearts and garnished with feta cheese makes your omelette in a mug a topper.

•    For desserts to go with your omelette in a mug, you could have a fruit salad with varieties of fresh berries, chocolate croissants or even fruit crepe.

With the tips mentioned above and your oven set, you no longer have to don thinking hats to figure out a way on how to eat omelette in a mug.

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How To Eat Omelette In A Mug? – Eggs, Omelette And Mugs