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How To Eat A Coconut? – The All-In-All Edible Fruit

The crunchy ‘n’ soft and the coarse ‘n’ smooth texture of coconut, oozing out the milk of flavor and goodness - coconut, the famous tropical fruit, dotting along cuisines of Asia and the pacific, slowly but surely finding a place in the continental…how to eat a coconut to savor the best flavor of the fruit?
how to eat a coconut and layer the american cusines with a palm of goodnessLet us explore ways to fit in coconut in American and continental recipes
•    The shrimp with a novel look : If you want to give your shrimp a novelty in flavor and appearance, then try coating your shrimp with grated coconut flesh and bake or fry it. Not only shrimp but also other sea-food such as tilapia can be giving a covering with coconut flakes and baked or fried.
•    Curry and stew : Be it a vegetarian curry or a meat curry, coconut milk is used as a base ingredient to render flavor and richness to the texture of the gravy, one real scrumptious way on how to eat a coconut.
•    Ice-creams: Your child loves the  ‘iced cream’ but has lactose intolerance and you  prefer non-dairy based ingredient for making the dollop for your kid? Here, try coconut milk, which is equally tasteful and adds the ‘milk’ to the flavor!
•    Pina Colada : Ever wondered what this wondrous cocktail has in its flavor and make, which draws you to the beach-side, conjuring yourself on the hammock with a book?- The cream of coconut milk teaming with rum and pineapple. Isn’t this indeed a zestful way on how to eat a coconut?

Now that you know the tips of novelty on how to eat a coconut, you can induce into your cooking style, the fruit of tropical gaiety!

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How To Eat A Coconut? – The All-In-All Edible Fruit