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How To Eat Lechazo Asado - The Spanish Lamb Roast

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Lechazo Asado is a Spanish lamb roast made from suckling kid of a lambSpanish cuisine is a benevolent gastronomical marvel, with several lip-smacking appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts on the menu. But, you have not tasted the real Spanish food till you know how to eat Lechazo Asado. What’s Lechazo Asado, and what is so special about it, you might ask, well read on and you will find out for yourself…

Lechazo Asado is a type of lamb roast. But, this is no simple lamb roast; you see, Lechazo in Spanish refers to a very young (preferably less than 1 or 2 months old) un-weaned kid of a lamb, and Asado means roasting. So, Lechazo Asado, is a lamb roast made from a suckling kid of a lamb. Due to the choice of the meat, the roast is enchantingly sweet, tender, and juicy. 

Preparing Lechazo Asado is quite simple, the kid is slaughtered and cut into quarters, the selected piece of meat is then generously rubbed with garlic, pepper, salt and olive oil  (the famous four of all 

Use of wood burning oven and clay vessel to roast the meat gives Lechazo Asado the enchanting earthy flavorsMediterranean cooking), placed in a traditional clay vessel, and roasted in a wood burning oven (though convention oven may also be used). The use of clay vessel and the wood burning oven give an exotic earthy flavor to the dish. 

Lechazo Asado usually forms the centerpiece of any large menu. It is typically served as the main course along with a dish of simple lettuce and onion salad or a piece of local bread (Torta de aceite) on the side. Now the best part, you are allowed to or rather expected to eat Lechazo Asado with your hands – even at formal dining events! You see, using a fork to remove the last few pieces of meat from the bones is almost impossible and using your bare fingers is the only practical solution. Hence, Lechazo Asado is one of the very few dishes that you can elegantly eat without the use of the silverware. 

So, that’s how you eat Lechazo Asado, to know more about this dish and other Spanish delights do follow the links. 

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How To Eat Lechazo Asado - The Spanish Lamb Roast