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How to Eat Capicollo

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If you have inclination towards Italian cuisine, you should discover how to eat capicollo. Learning how to eat capicollo will allow you to enjoy this Italian food with the right accompaniments. Also, you will know when is the best time to eat this food. Capicolla is called by a variety of alternative names like capacollo, capicolla, coppa and more. If you are fond of sausage meats, this is one Italian food you will simply love to eat. 

Discovering the flavors of capicollo

Eating-Capicollo-SandwichCapicollo is a sausage food which contains the cut of meat that has been taken from the back portion of pork’s neck. That’s how the food derives its name. You can say that capicollo is a type of Italian ham. The ham in this case is cured. Capicollo is best eaten hot or mildly hot. For eating capicollo at its hottest best, coat the meat with a hot chili paste. In most cases, the meat is available seasoned with a different mix of Italian spices and herbs. Usually, these seasoned cuts of meats are smoked and matured for few months before being sold to the consumers. When you eat this meat, you can feel its strong fragrance. The smooth texture of the meat is another winning factor and you cannot help but simply love the inviting aroma and flavor of the meat.

Tips on how to eat capicollo

There are several of ways for eating capicollo. Traditionally, the Italians like to eat capicollo with the Italian Panini. In other cases, the meat is simply eaten with pizza or gobagool. Both these meals are best eaten for antipasto. Antipasto is an Italian term, which collectively refers to appetizers. So, as you would have already made out by now, you can relish capicollo Panini and capicollo pizzas before a main course meal during lunch or dinner. If you are game for a gourmet Italian meal, then do not forget to add a capicollo dish in your assortment of Italian delicacies. The tender meat, the fatty texture and the delicate flavor of capicollo surely make it a good choice for a gourmet meal. You can have the meat stuffed in Italian sandwiches like Italian grinders and muffulettas. Bison burger is another popular dish which uses a spicy slice of capicollo ham as topping along with other ingredients.

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How To Eat Capicollo