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How To Eat Crème fraîche

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Creme Fraiche is popular due to its rich silken texture and exuberant flavorCrème fraîche, (commonly pronounced as krem fresh) a decadent form of sour cream, was first developed in the France and like so many other French delicacies, the rich texture and flavor of the dish will leave you asking for more! I love to eat Crème fraîche with fresh strawberries or blueberries (whichever is available). But there are many more ways of eating Crème fraîche and enjoying its divine textural flavors. So, if you are trying to figure out the different ways or recipes in which you can use that bottle of Crème fraîche, then do read on…

Before I start explaining about the how to eat Crème fraîche, allow me to introduce you to the method of making this delectable food. I would like to call Crème fraîche as a tasty hybrid of sour cream and yogurt. The basic process of making Crème fraîche involves mixing warmed thick cream (36% to 40% fat) with buttermilk or a culture of lactic acid bacteria, and allowing the cream to ferment at room temperature till the cream thickens and gets a rich creamy consistency. The Crème fraîche, thus prepared, will store well for 7 to 10 days in refrigerator. 

Though Crème fraîche seems to be a type of sour cream, it is way better than normal sour cream on several counts; it tastes better, has a richer texture, nuttier aroma, and most importantly unlike sour cream (or fresh cream for that matter), Crème fraîche does not curdle on cooking and can be whipped into a frosty delight. 

Now, getting back to “how to eat Crème fraîche”…well, there are hundreds of ways in which you can eat Crème fraîche, you can eat it as is, use it as a dessert, as a part of other recipes, bake it, cook Creme Fraiche works great as a dessert toppingit....the list is endless. However, to give you a fair idea I have listed down a few ways in which you might choose to use Crème fraîche.

• The sweet top up: Crème fraîche, as such has a relatively bland taste; however, add a little sugar or syrup and it transforms into a luxurious topping that will surely accentuate the taste of your desserts, be it simple cut fruits, ice creams, puddings, or anything else. 

• A savory delight: The neutral taste of Crème fraîche allows it to be used as a topping for both sweet and savory dishes. Try adding a drizzle of Crème fraîche to transform a simple dish of fritters into an exotic snack platter. You can also try topping other dishes like smoked fish, salmon roe (an affordable substitute for caviar), breaded chicken, soups, etc. with Crème fraîche

• Salad dressing: Mixed with some salt, pepper, and chives Crème fraîche makes a delicious dressing for all types of salads (cooked or raw). Moreover, unlike sour cream, Crème fraîche is quite resistant to curdling; hence, no need to worry about watery salads.

• Cake frosting: Crème fraîche is a healthier alternative to traditional cake frosting. Crème fraîche frosting is easy to make, tastes just like normal cake frosting, and with the presence of the healthy probiotic bacteria - its healthy too. 

• Thickening agent: Since, Crème fraîche does not curdle, it can be mixed with a variety of soups, sauces, and gravies to give a richer and creamier texture to the dish.

This is just an overview of the ways of eating Crème fraîche and there are definitely several more ways of including Crème fraîche in your food and enjoying this rich textured delight. For more Crème fraîche recipes do refer to this link.

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How To Eat Crème Fraîche