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How To Eat Souvlaki?

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Souvlaki is quite commonly known as the “hamburgers of Greece” and this description in itself is intriguing enough to make you curious to know how to eat Souvlaki.

Souvlaki is quite commonly known as the “hamburgers of Greece”Souvlaki is a general term that commonly refers to any kind of meat – beef, lamb or pork – that is spit roasted on a vertical rotisserie. There are quite a few ways of eating Souvlaki and some of the common ways are listed here:

As burgers:
The spit roasted meat is sliced off from the rotisseries and is put on a round Pita bread. It is then topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, sadziki (a sauce made of cucumber, yoghurt and garlic) and some lime juice. It is then topped with another slice of Pita bread and your Greek burger is ready.

On Skewers:
Some people believe that “Souvlaki is derived from the word “souvla”, meaning skewer. Hence, Souvlaki is quite commonly served on skewers for eating out of hand. These skewers at times also have vegetables on them, along with the meat, thereby making it taste much better.

As Rolls:
In many Asian countries, there is the concept of egg rolls and meat rolls quite prevalent. Souvlaki is a Greek dish that very strangely is based on a similar concept. Some times the meat is also placed on Pita breads and then topped with onion rings, bell peppers and lime juice. The whole bread is then wrapped into long rolls and handed out.

As Souvlaki Platters:
Though traditionally Souvlaki is made with lamb, today Souvlaki offers a much wider variety. Souvlaki is now made with not just lamb, but also with just vegetables or with pork, chicken and beef and even at times, with fish (especially swordfish). With each of these varieties offering great tastes, it is but natural for you to be confused when it comes to choosing just one flavor. Hence, the concept of Souvlaki Platters have come up, where you get to taste each of these Souvlakis.

Thus, there are different ways of eating Souvlaki. Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food as evident from all the variations in which they are served. Therefore, they are mostly eaten in the evenings as snacks or light-bites. However, at times, Souvlaki also form part of the main course. They are served on dinner plates along with fried potatoes and some pilaf. The fragrant rice of the pilaf, the crispiness of the fried potatoes and the well-spiced flavor of the Souvlaki, all mingle together to offer you a great taste.

Souvlaki, though originated in Greece, is available in other regions and countries as well in its various forms. It is therefore one dish that is not just varied in flavor but is universal in nature. Thus, it is worth a taste at least once in a lifetime.

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How To Eat Souvlaki?