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How To Eat Ackawi

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If you are looking for a variation in cheese then you must learn how to eat Ackawi. There are various ways to serve ackawi. From breading it and frying it to eating it straight as a snack, offerings are numerous. . No trip to Mid East is ever complete without sampling this Ackawi cheese. Learn how to eat Ackawi and discover yet another dimension of Middle Eastern Cuisine. Eating Ackawi not only gives you a peep into the authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, the great taste gives you an immense satisfaction and eating-pleasure. How To Eat Ackawi
How to Eat Ackawi
1. Ackawi is commonly eaten as a breakfast cheese, wrapped in bread or served with fruit.
2. It is also viewed as an all-purpose table cheese, frequently on offer at lunch and dinner, as well.
3. Some people also enjoy ackawi on special occasions such as picnics, typically eating it with soft flatbread.
4. Ackawi can be included in cooked dishes, although it does not melt down very well.
5. Enjoy Ackawi room temperature. Allow it to warm to room temperature before serving. Some people prefer the cheese warmed slightly.
6. Slice the Ackawi and mix it with fruit or add it to any sandwich. Or eat it alone.
7. Make a Ackawi and cracker spread to serve at a party.
8. Compliment the Ackawi with a dry white wine.
Ackawi is a delicious treat that everyone should eat and enjoy!

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How To Eat Ackawi