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How to Eat Spanish Omelette

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A Spanish omelette is a delicious potato omelet which is perhaps one of the best-known Spanish dishes. I love eating Spanish Omlette with a toast and hot milk or coffee as a breakfast dish. If you are unsure as to how to eat Spanish Omlette, I have some really useful tips to share with you on how to eat it How to Eat Spanish Omelette
Tips on how to eat Spanish Omlette
1. Eat Spanish omlette with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
2. Cut the omlette into wedges before eating.
3. Garnish with green olives and serve.
4. Baked potato, potato wedges&salad, pickles, cheese, hotdogs, sausage, soup or hash browns might be paired with Spanish Omlette.
5. You can eat some home fries&a salad along with Spanish Omlette.
6. An avocado salad with sliced avocado, onion and tomatoes on a little bit of lettuce with lime for dressing goes perfectly with the Spanish Omlette dish.
7. Depending on mood you can have it hot or cold with crusty, fresh Spanish bread.
8. However I feel Spanish omlette tastes best with tiny stuffed pickled aubergines known as Berenjenas and wine.
9. For a great lunch serve in wedges, mix with some fresh salad and olives.
10. You can say that Spanish Omlette is amongst the simplest delicacies in Spanish cooking. It tastes Oh so Good!
Eat Spanish Omlette in different ways. Just use your imagination!
Want to try making Spanish Omlette at home then do refer to these recipes on and savor your very own homemade Spanish Omlette.

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How To Eat Spanish Omelette