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How To Eat Paella

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Paella is a very popular Spanish rice dish Before you start wondering how to eat paella – you have to know what the food is all about. If you are a lover of Spanish foods you probably know that this is a Velencian rice dish which has become very popular in the recent times. The dish has gone through a lot of transformation through the ages…making it more delicious to satisfy the tastebuds of contemporary foodlovers. When I first heard about eating paella I wondered how it is eaten, when it is eaten and how it can be made more yummy.

Paella is very popular in Spain – tourists who visit the region ensure that they taste the various versions of this dish which is served at different places. Restaurants across Spain serve this delicacy but you might find a notable difference in each of their preparations…this is what makes this food so unique.

There are 3 types paella – try out all three types and decide which one you love the most.

Spanish paella which is also known as Valencian paella is one of the top delicacies of Spain.

• When you choose to eat this type of paella you will be able to enjoy it with green vegetables of your choice. It include vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and spinach.
• You can choose meat such as fish, chicken, duck and rabbit.Valencian paella is eaten with fish, vegetables and meat
• You can also eat it with land snails and fresh beans which are used for seasoning.
• You will simply enjoy the taste of white rice with vegetables and meat.
• Valencian paella tastes its best when it is eaten with rosemary.
• Eat it with fresh chilled fruit juice. Add crushed ice and enjoy it more.

Seafood paella is a wonderful combination of a variety of seafoodSeafood paella
• When you choose to eat seafood paella you will be replacing snails and meat with variety of seafood…such as lobsters, shrimp heads, mussels and oysters.
• You will love the exotic aroma of sea food mixed with fresh green vegetables.
• Seafood paella can make an exciting lunch menu.
• Have it with a glass of wine and you will need nothing more for your lunch.

Mixed paella: This is the most popular form of paella and served in most restaurants around Spain. Tourists are especially fond of mixed paella because of its interesting variety of meat and vegetables.

• You will be eating it in a great combination of vegetables, seafood and meat.
• Beans can also be included in paella when eating this food.
• Many variations can be brought in the seasoning of mixed paella. Different restaurants serve their own kind of seasonings…which offer a glimpse of their regional and local spices.Mixed paella can be eaten in many variations with a variety in seasonings
• You can eat mixed paella for your lunch seasoned with bell pepper strips.
• Enjoy it with fresh fruit juice.

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How To Eat Paella