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How To Eat Khanom Mo Kaeng

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Tips to eat sumptuous khanom mo kaengIf you are looking for a variation in desserts you need to learn how to eat khanom mo kaeng. Khanom mo kaeng is a dessert – it is a sweet baked pudding which is made from coconut, brown sugar, eggs as well as milk. You can have it in your own way. Like all desserts there is no fixed rule to enjoy this dish. This is a great change from the regular desserts which we have on an everyday basis.

When can you eat khanom mo kaeng?

• To enjoy it most eat it after a very hot and spicy meal. It shall give you a very cool and soothing effect.
• You can have it when you are feeling very exhausted and tired – especially during the summer days.
• Eat it as your everyday dessert after dinner or lunch.
• You can include it in your menu on your child’s birthday. Children are especially fond of this sweet baked pudding…birthdays and kids parties are said to be incomplete without this dessert.

Tips on how to eat khanom mo kaeng:
• Eat it when it cools down. Just like all other desserts khanon mo kaeng tastes best when it is eaten cold. So…be patient and wait for some time so that the dessert cools.
• Eat with different fruits included in the pudding. You can bring any variation in the fruits used. You can include bananas, strawberrie, berries and grapes.
• You can add some fresh cream as its topping for some rich taste while eating.

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How To Eat Khanom Mo Kaeng