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How to Eat Tom Saep

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Top Saep is a wonderful Thai delicacy and if you are wondering how to eat Tom Saep, I am here to show you the ways. Thai food is all about fresh ingredients and so, no matter what you eat, you will always be greeted with the aroma of fresh herbs and spices. Thus, this holds true for our very own Thai Tom Saep too. To begin with, Tom Saep is a special Thai soup. In most Thai soups, the fragrance and the flavor of the Kaffir lime leaves are quite indispensable and Tom Saep is no exception. If you are familiar with the Chinese hot and sour soup, then, let me tell you Tom Saep is the Thai version of this soup with its own blend of unique ingredients.

Tom-Saep-Thai-SoupEating Tom Saep 

If you are curious to know when to and how to eat Tom Saep, then, I would like to suggest you a few things in this regard. Since, Tom Saep is a soup, this makes it an appetizer and so, you can eat Tom Saep for either lunch or dinner, or both. But, the proper time to eat Tom Saep is before a main course meal. Relish Tom Saep just like any other soup. It’s best savored steamy hot when the intense aroma of the fresh ingredients and the kaffir lime leaves simply fills your nose and enhances your food cravings. I am advising you to eat Tom Saep before you eat your main course. This is because, the ingredients used in this soup improve your digestion and increases your appetite. So, when you eat a main course meal after a bowl full of Tom Saep, you automatically eat more and better.

Eating Tom Saep in different variations

You can relish this delicious Thai soup in different ways. Though the basic ingredients remain the same, some of the additional ingredients can be altered to lend a different taste to the soup. Most Thai people love their Tom Saep cooked with fresh water fish. However, if you aren’t so fond of fishes, then you can have Tom Saep with chicken. Don’t worry if you are not a non-vegetarian eater. You can always have the mushroom version of Tom Saep which is equally popular and tasty as its non-vegetarian counterparts. Just get a bowl full of steaming hot Tom Saep and relish the soup in small proportions with the help of a soup spoon.

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How To Eat Tom Saep