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How to Eat Prosciutto Di Parma?

how to eat Prosciuitto Di Parma and get the taste of italian ham

Prosciutto Di Parma may sound  Greek and Latin to you if you aren’t familiar with the lingo of the Italians, but if you are a gastronome with an eye for detail about all ham varieties, then Proscuitto Di Parma is an Italian variety of ham. How to eat Prosciutto Di Parma, to enjoy the diversity of Italian cuisine and awaken all your senses to the delight of eating ham?


Prosciutto are long-cherished Italian delicacies and Proscuitto Di Parma has patrons across the Mediterranean in America and other parts of the world as well.

Prosciutto in Italian means ham and depending on the way the ham is cured and the region the pigs are reared, you have myriad variants of the Italian ham.

How these variants of ham come into being, is the tale behind the pig’s head-to-tail, nourishment,  in different regions and different feeds. Prosciutto Di Parma means ham ‘dried of liquid’ and the pigs reared for this variety of ham  are locally raised pigs in large numbers, which are fed strictly including whey  specially made from Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

All Prosciutto hams go through the common process of salt and air curing but the length or duration and the quantity of salt used for the process varies with the region and the variety of ham being produced.

For instance the Prosciutto Di Parma and Prosciutto Di Sandiele of the Fruilis region are considered to be sweet hams, where as Prosciutto Toscano of Tuscany is graded as a ‘savory’ ham.

How to eat Proscuitto Di Parma ham and have the authentic feel of a regionally branded Italian dish?

Your Prosciutto Di Parma can be savored as

1.    Prosciutto e mozzarella to eat your Prosciutto Di Parma with boccocini, mozzarella cheese, black pepper layered in extra virgin olive oil and garnished with basil leaves. You cannot wait to take a slice of the ham ‘n’ cheese

2.    Prosciutto e melone : Here is a way to juice up your Italian ham with melon and a chill method on how to eat Prosciutto Di Parma. With your cantaloupe cut into wedges, take a slice of the ham and wrap the wedges with a thin slice of the ham. Serve cold.

3.    Prosciutto e fichi (fresh figs) :  A recipe to make Your Prosciutto Di Parma get that extra flavor with fresh ripe figs, chives, honey and plum tomatoes all tangy ‘n’ nutty will be become the Prosciutto Di Parma.

So when you are equipped with the knowledge of buying labeled and authentic Prosciutto Di parma, here is a chance to dig deep into that succulent-looking flesh, rendered pink and rosy with our tips on how to eat Prosciutto Di Parma.

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How To Eat Prosciutto Di Parma?