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How To Eat Fresh Fish

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Being a part of the “on the go” generation, I had never had the chance to eat fresh fish until recently. However, after eating fresh fish that was cooked to perfection, I don’t think I will want to use frozen or canned fish ever again. Now, if you would want to prepare and eat fresh fish, remember it is not just about buying fish from the market and cooking it. There is a whole process involved; to help you in this task here is a guide on how to eat fresh fish.


fresh fish is addictive, once you taste it you might not want to eat anything elseSelecting the fish:  This is the first and most important step in preparing a fresh fish for eating. The fish that you select to purchase must be absolutely fresh, stale or old fish will not only taste bad, but also make you sick. A fresh fish will have a firm body, clear unsunken eyes, and red gills. To determine if the fish is fresh follow these tips:


• Check the eyes – they should not be dull or have an opaque lining. They must look as if they are alive and staring at you.

• Press your thumb on the fish’s belly – there should be no finger imprint on the fish

• Check the gills – they should be fresh and red 

 Smell the fish – it should have a typical fishy odor and must not stink.

Since fish spoil easily it is a good idea to carry the fish in a bag full of crushed ice. 


The method for scaling the fish Cleaning the fish: If you are handling fresh fish for the first time, then it is a good idea to ask the fish monger to clean and eviscerate the fish for you. However, if you are the adventurous types, and would like to do the task yourself, then follow these instructions. First wash the fish in tap water, the using a sharp knife cut the fins, now moving the knife in the opposite direction of the scales for scaling the fish. Depending on the recipe you are using you might want to behead the fish and/or slit the fish and remove all the innards. Clean the fish in tap water once again after the whole process.


Cooking the fish: Since, fish are highly perishable (one of the reasons why frozen and canned fish are more widely available), you need to process and cook the fish as soon as possible, preferable the same day. Fish muscles are far more tender than meat, hence, they are faster and easier to cook. Depending upon the type of fish, the fish may be broiled, baked, fried, steamed, or poached. Fish with low fat content is usually fried or basted with fat. You can also cut the fish into fillets or steaks and bake them or use them in a stew. Some oriental recipes (sushi, sashimi) also use fish in their raw form. 


Cook and savor the fish the way you like it for whatever you do, the fish will taste way better than canned fish, and surely save all the time taken to thaw frozen fish. Refer to these amazing fresh fish recipes on for some more ideas on cooking fresh fish. 

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How To Eat Fresh Fish