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How to Eat Pot Au Feu?

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If you love French cuisine then you definitely have to figure out how to eat Pot-Au-Feu. This yummy French Beef Stew is a sure bet if you wanted to cook something tasty and filling and different!!
A yummy bowl of Pot Au Feu. 

The literal translation of Pot Au Feu is "pot on the fire". It is no wonder that the dish is named Pot Au Feu because this meat and vegetable stew is prepared by boiling in water with spices for close to five hours!!  
The Pot Au Feu was considered to be a poor man’s dish where low-cost meat that takes a long time to cook is tossed in with available vegetables and stewed for most part of the afternoon and then served for dinner. Even today the Pot Au Feu is a dish that is usually served for dinner and is enjoyed hot or warm.
Usually the broth of the stew is served separately as a soup for the first course. Such a soup can be made even better by adding rice, pasta or toasted bread. As the second course the drained out meat and vegetables can be dished out.
The Pot Au Feu is usually served with strong Dijon mustard and coarse salt. The traditional side dishes served with Pot Au Feu are freshly cooked cabbage, new potatoes, croutons with marrow on top, freshly grated horseradish and tiny sour gherkins pickled in vinegar. A hearty red wine is a perfect addition to this spread! Red Bordeaux, Beaujolais Villages or Red Cotes du Rhone is a few of the French red wines you can serve with the Pot Au Feu.
The ingredients that go into the Pot Au Feu can vary but it typically contains low-cost cuts of beef, cartilaginous meat, such as oxtail and marrow bone; vegetables like carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, and onions; spices that include bouquet garni, salt, black pepper and cloves.
The Pot Au Feu broth can also be converted to a sauce. The best ways to use this sauce is to cook vegetables or pasta in it.
If you are eating a Pot Au Feu with a Mediterranean flavor then it is because the amount of meat has been decreased and that of the vegetables and herbs have been increased in the dish to attain this particular flavor. You should remember that the flavor of the Pot Au Feu will keep changing from region to region and ingredients used.
The Pot Au Feu is an apt dish to be served warm on a chilly autumn or winter evening or when entertaining some guests at home!
When ordering for Pot Au Feu in France you might want to ask for Potee Normande as this is another name for the dish.
Here are some interesting Pot Au Feu recipes that you can use at home!
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How To Eat Pot Au Feu?