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How to Eat Mannala?

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Have you ever had Mannala? Once you figure out how to eat Mannala, you will not be able to wait to get your hands on this yummy dessert!!
Cute batch of freshly baked Mannala. 

Mannala or Mannele is a yummy French baked bread pudding made in the shape of little men. These milk breads are called Mannele as in Alsacian this word means “little men”.
Mannala is made and enjoyed most in Alsace, especially as a part of the platter of treats given to children on the celebration day for Saint Nicholas.
There is an interesting story attached to the creation of these yummy “little men”. It is quiet a horrifying story about how a butcher lures in three small kids and butchers and salts them. Years later, they are saved by Saint Nicholas.  Thus this yummy dessert is made in the form of little men. Sometimes raisins or chocolate chips can also be added to this pudding. The raisins or chocolate chips or even piped cream can be used to make eyes and other features of the little man.
On Saint Nicholas’s day the spiced gingerbread cookies and brioche shaped like the good saint is also eaten with the Mannala. You have to agree that It is tempting platter of goodies!!
Mannala is also made in the form of Rabbit, Hen, Horse, Pig or other animals. You can also make it in the shape of your family members…imagine the amount of fun your kids especially the boys will have eating these! It is just perfect to be eaten at your child’s Birthday parties.
Mannala is usually eaten with yummy hot chocolate or honey. When I was a kid I loved to eat it with spoonfuls of Nutella!!
Here is a simple Mannala recipe which you can use at home!!
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How To Eat Mannala?