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How to Eat Khao Khluk Kapi

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Standing at a stone’s throw away distance from the Th Khao San in Bangkok, I was just wondering how much more I am left to experiment with Thai cuisine. That’s exactly when I bumped into this street side stall, which filled my nose with the exotic aroma of khao khluk kapi. I kept looking at this colorful rice dish and kept on wondering how to eat khao khluk kapi. Thailand, I must confess, is not just a place of coastal beauty and virgin beaches. The fact that it is a small planet in itself with its rich variety of culinary specialties, is no more hidden from the rest of the world and that’s exactly what I discovered when I kept on sampling one Thai dish after another.

eating-khoa-khluk-kapiEating khao khluk kapi

The tiny roadside stalls of Thailand sell a variety of Thai delights and one of them is the khao khulk kapi, which, I am so proud of not having missed. If you want to know how to eat khao khluk kapi, just eat it the way you eat rice. That’s because; khao khluk kapi is basically a platter of rice, that’s cooked with a delicious paste of shrimp. This lip smacking dish is served with a colorful variety of toppings. Sometimes, it also comes with a plethora of accompaniments. I will tell you more interesting things on how to eat khao khluk kapi, but before that, I will just give you a small idea on what is this dish all about.

About khao khluk kapi 

Khao khluk kapi is a dish that amalgamates several flavors into one. In one word, Khao khluk kapi is a vibrant Thai dish. Not many visitors know about this dish, but trust me, once you have it, you will never forget the wonderful taste of it. In the khao khluk kapi recipe, the rice is first fried. Sometimes, the rice is only just boiled. But in both the cases, the rice is mixed with the 'kapi' or the shrimp paste. This leaves on the rice a beautiful brown hue and an inviting pungent taste. ‘Khao’ in Thai language means ‘rice’. 

Feasting tips

When you know how to eat khao khluk kapi in different ways, you enjoy this awesome meal all the more. This shrimp rice can be eaten with different combinations of toppings and accompaniments. While some enjoy eating khao khluk kapi with shredded green mango and cucumber slices, there are others, who love enjoying the meal with a thin omelet, fried with sliced beans, shallots, crispy shrimps, lime and dried chillies. It’s majorly eaten during the lunch time. You can eat khao khluk kapi accompanied with sweetened pork as well, besides the veggies. Mostly in this dish, chilli paste is added to make it spicy. But then, it’s for you to decide how you would like to eat the dish.

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How To Eat Khao Khluk Kapi