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How To Eat Ciabatta

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Ciabatta - the elongated bread can make your perfect breakfastI had the opportunity of learning how to eat ciabatta during my 6 months of stay in Italy. Our hotel specialized in ciabatta and we were served this every morning as our breakfast. I simply loved the taste of this white bread and soon developed a habit of eating ciabatta every morning during my stay there. In fact when I returned home, I managed to find its local variation – it differed quite a lot in taste – still I seemed to enjoy its taste.

Ciabatta can be eaten in different regions of the world but with slight difference in taste and flavor. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy this food.

• If you are in Italy you will be accustomed to the elongated, flattish and broad shape of the bread. In other places you can eat it in different shapes like round, square and even oval – no matter how the shape is - you will love its taste.
• You can eat it in different varieties. Its firm crust and very dense crumb is very popular in Italy. Thus you can eat it in its very crispy form.
• You can eat it as your sandwich bread for breakfast. This is how I would have it every morning … I would just change the filling of my sandwich and it would be a complete treat everytime! You can have it with cheese, mayonnaise, shredded chicken, pork, beef and vegetables too.
• You can have it as toasted bread. Eat with hot milk or tea whichever you have as your morning drink.
• Fresh fruit juice also tastes wonderful with ciabatta. It is healthy and refreshing!
• It can be eaten after seasoning it with marjoram, salt and olive oil.

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How To Eat Ciabatta