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How To Eat Insalata Russa

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I didn’t have to learn how to eat insalata russa since my mother used to make itEating insalata russa is a true way to enjoy Italian salad almost every day. Eating insalata russa was common at home (and I had developed a habit of eating it) because it is one of those Italian foods (recipes) which was handed down to my mother by my grandmother... and since we all loved it, my mother would prepare it often.

It is a very traditional salad which is still enjoyed today with equal enthusiasm and fun. Here are some tips on how to eat insalata russa so that you can enjoy it the most.

• If you wish to get the real taste of this salad, you should have it cold. Thus – it is very popular in the summer months when it is served chilled after meals.
• Tuna is the main ingredient which gives insalata russa its flavor. In case you are not fond of tuna or do not wish to eat it, you can replace it with sliced black olives.
• Do not eat insalata russa as soon as it is prepared. I know, it will be difficult to wait for a few hours( knowing that it is ready)… still to get the maximum taste, you should wait for a few hours. When you eat it finally you will appreciate the wonderful blend of flavors which seeps into the dish.
• You can eat it with your choice of vegetables. Replace any vegetable you dislike and include any vegetable you enjoy.
• Do not forget to eat it with the right seasoning – this is what will give the salad its unique taste! Mayonnaise or even whipped cream tastes divine in this salad.
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How To Eat Insalata Russa