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How To Eat Salame

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Salame - popular Italian food of air dried and fermented meatSalame is a very popular Italian food which is air-dried and fermented meat. If you wish to learn how to eat salame you will be happy to know that you have several varieties to choose from. Different regions have their own variety of salame. In Italy you will be able to eat the most traditional version but in places like Spain, Belgium, Germany and France you will get a wonderful local variety of salame. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Eating salame is always a pleasure – no matter where you have it!

Here is some information on how to eat salame:


  • If you choose to eat salame in Italian restaurants you will get its most authentic and traditional preparation.
  • You can enjoy it with onions, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell pepper.
  • Salame tastes wonderful when eaten with wine. You can have red wine which is very popular in Southern Italy and also white wine which is popular in the northern fringes.


Italian – American variety known as Pepperoni:
·    You can eat salame which is prepared with beef when you try out its Italian American variety.
·    Poultry is also served along with salami.
·    You get to enjoy it with pepperoni which is a much loved pizza topping.
·    It can be eaten as a part of sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.Sumptuous beef salame can make any breakfast special

Hungary – Winter salame
·    If you wish to eat the Hungarian version you will get the taste of white pepper and spices in your pork salame.
·    If you love smoked flavor – smoked salame will be just perfect for you!
·    Enjoy it with chilled beer or chilled fresh juice.

Argentina: The local name for salame in Argentina is longaniza.
·    You will get the lovely authentic flavor of ground anise seeds in salame of this region.
·    Salame is enjoyed in its sweet flavor which is huge contrast to the salty taste of its stuffing – but this is what makes salame so unique here!
·    People eat it as an appetizer with great enthusiasm.
·    It is also eaten in sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.
·    Hot soup enhances the taste of salame.

Calabria: Calabria has its own variety of salame known as sporessata. It is available in all the restaurants of the region. It is also cooked and eaten on regular basis at homes as well as on special events and occasions.
·    You can eat it as a dry sausage.
·    You will also love it in its uncured variety.
·    Enjoy it with hot sauce or barbecue sauce.
·    It can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch and dinner item.

So… without wasting much time try out different versions of salame and enjoy the dish!              Image courtesy : danielefoods ; recipes.xblogger.    

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How To Eat Salame