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How to Eat Choucroute Garnie

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Enjoy the lovely taste of choucroute garnieIf you are fond of French delicacies learn how to eat choucroute garnie – you will soon realize that no other dish offers such a rich flavor. Eating choucroute garnie is very popular in France and almost all French restaurants serve this dish, though they have their own variations of this dish. You have the opportunity of trying out every variety and find out for yourself which variety you prefer and how it is different from other food which is available.       

                                                          Choucroute actually means a show stopping dish – it is all about preparing sauerkraut along with other types of salted meats and also potatoes. It can be eaten in any way but eating it with pork and ham is compulsory – this is how the food gets its unique taste!

Here are some very interesting facts on how to eat choucroute garnie:                                                                                                                                 
•    We were confused about the right time to eat this dish! It seemed to be fulfilling - so we had it for  our lunch. Thus, if you ask for my suggestion - make it your complete dinner or lunch item.
•    I have seen people having this dish in between meals too – especially those who are on a strict diet. If you choose to have this hours before your dinner, you can eat it as your ‘early dinner meal'.
•    You may not need any additional side dish to have with choucroute garnie but if you are still looking forward to eat it with a side dish you can eat it with soup. You shouldn’t eat it with any  type of food item which can drown or lessen the true taste and flavor of this dish.
•    You can eat the different varieties of sausages which are served – it is completely your choice. If you feel like you can ask for and eat just one variety – like your ham sausage or pork sausage.
•    If you are fond of vegetables and cannot imagine your meals without a variety of them, you can eat it with your own variation. Carrots and cabbage taste good when eaten with choucroute garnie.
•    You can eat the very famous Hungarian version of this food – you will notice that cabbage leaves have been stuffed along with other ingredients in your dish.choucroute garnie is perfect for parties
•    If you do not like to eat whole cabbage leaves, you have the option of eating shredded cabbage leaves – it will taste equally good.
•    Choucroute garnie is very popular in parties. You can serve it to all your guests with champagne – this makes it truly royal.
•    You can store choucroute garnie at home – so that you can eat it whenever you feel like having it. These are available in canned versions – you can even carry them on your short trips and eat them when you reach your destination.
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How To Eat Choucroute Garnie