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How To Eat Rice With Fingers - The Indian Way Of Eating Rice

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Traditionally Indians use their finger to eat rice and other foodsAs most people already know, traditional Indian food is eaten with fingers, and though most people kind of manage to handle the other dishes with bare hands, eating rice in the Indian style poses a major concern to those who are yet to be initiated into the nuances of Indian dining etiquettes. To help you in this task I bring to you a guide on how to eat rice with your fingers.

Eating with fingers might seem tricky to begin with, especially if you are not very dexterous; however, one need to remember that this is the only way in which you can combine the flavors and textures of all the dishes served in an Indian meal and enjoy the food to the maximum. I have broken down the process of mixing the rice and eating it into simple and easy to follow steps:

• In India, rice is typically eaten with a type of lentil broth or soup like preparation called daal. To eat the rice take a small quantity of rice in your dish and pour a few spoonfuls of the daal over it and lightly mix the 2 together (as if mixing a dough). Remember to use only the first 2 segments of your fingers while doing this, messing up your palm while eating is considered as bad manners.

When eating rice with fingers use your thumb to push the morsel into your mouth• Once you have mixed the rice and daal, you might choose to mix one of the main dish or the salad with the rice. 

• Now to pick the rice, pinch out a small morsel of the rice and daal mixture using your thumb against the other 4 fingers (as if you are trying to pick something using all 5 fingers).

• Now carefully place the thumb behind the morsel (take care not to drop the rice while doing this, slightly curling the fingers helps).

• Lean a little towards your plate, bring morsel to your mouth, and using your thumb as a catapult shove the rice morsel into your mouth. Never stuff your entire fist into your mouth; this is not only impolite but too inelegant and messy. The fingers should rest near your upper lip and the just tip of your thumb may enter the mouth. 

All said and done, remember that to learn to eat rice with your bare fingers you need to unlearn all the table manners that you were taught through the years and go back to the “fistful of morsels” method that you might have mastered as a toddler. In case you do make a mess while trying to eat rice with hands or feel too uncomfortable trying it out feel free to politely excuse yourself and ask for a set of silverware. 

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How To Eat Rice With Fingers - The Indian Way Of Eating Rice