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How to Eat Raw Meat

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If you want to be a part of the latest food fad, then, you should learn how to eat raw meat. Knowing how to eat raw meat is not just about showing what a versatile eater you can be, but also, proving that meats can be eaten without being cooked and without falling sick. Since, almost all kinds of meat can be eaten raw and you are not cooking it in different sauces, you must know how to eat raw meat in different ways. For that, you can season your meat with some spices and herbs. This will ensure that your raw meat platter doesn’t become boring.eating-raw-meat


Food safety

One of the most important aspects of eating raw meat is to maintain the perfect food hygiene and food safety standards. Since, raw meat usually contains harmful bacteria, I would always advise you to take the necessary precautions before trying the raw meat diet. For example, if you would be eating raw meat like beef or venison, then make a trip to a kosher butcher or a specialty butcher to buy the meat. This is very important when you are consuming raw red meat. Though, you will have to shell out a few extra dollars, this will at least ensure, that you get the freshest cuts of meat. This will diminish the chances of contamination in the meats.


Meat from healthy animal

If you have the option to choose the animal for your meat, then, be a smart eater and choose the healthiest of the lot. You can make your choice easily. Simply note the movements of the animals besides their build. An animal that’s moving at a very slow pace indicates signs that it could be diseased. In such a case, there is no way you can eat the meat uncooked.


Process your raw meat

One of the other most important steps of learning how to eat raw meat is to learn to process the raw meat. You are always less likely to fall sick after eating a processed raw meat than consuming an unprocessed raw meat. So, cure the meat with salt. The good thing is, salted raw meat will give you the same benefits of any regular raw meat, but, the difference will be that, that the salted version will not have microbes.


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How To Eat Raw Meat