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How to Eat Mousse Au Chocolat

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If you have weakness for chocolates and chocolate delicacies, then, you must know how to eat Mousse Au Chocolat. If you haven’t already made out from its name, let me tell you it is a French delicacy, a dessert to be precise. Plus, there are several ways on how to eat Mousse Au Chocolat, as you can prepare this French dessert in more than one way, picking up the latest culinary creativities of the top chefs and using some of your own skills and innovations.Eating-Mousse-Au-Chocolat

How to eat Mousse Au Chocolat the basic way

You don’t necessarily have to be in France to know how to eat Mousse Au Chocolat. You can prepare it at home and store it in the fridge. This dessert is best savored cold. When the Mousse Au Chocolat is set, you can scoop out some of it with a spoon and treat yourself with this sinful chocolate delicacy. 

Experimental way of eating Mousse Au Chocolat

If you are in the mood to experiment with your cold and smooth chocolate mousse, then try out different ingredients and accompaniments with your dessert. For example, if want to know how to eat Mousse Au Chocolat in the vegetarian way, you can avoid adding eggs to the mousse and use half a cup of whipped cream instead. For a richer mousse, you can mix your mousse with some brandy, rum, cointreau, marsala wine, or amaretto. For eating Mousse Au Chocolat with fruits, garnish it with berries or other sliced seasonal fruits.

How to eat Mousse Au Chocolat in restaurants

If you wish to try out this sinful chocolate delight in any restaurant, then, pick a French restaurant of repute. Though, this is quite a common dessert to feature in any specialty French restaurant, every place you go to, may not have it in their menu. So, choose a French bistro or cafe that’s quite popular and greatly visited by eaters. These restaurants are likely to keep every possible French specialty in their menu to satisfy their customers.

Best time for eating Mousse Au Chocolat

Traditionally, Mousse Au Chocolat is eaten after meals, since it is a dessert. You can savor this delicacy after a hearty meal for lunch or dinner. 

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How To Eat Mousse Au Chocolat