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How to Eat Fresh Lamb

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Knowing how to eat fresh lamb is not just about purchasing a lamb and cooking it right away. There is much more to know if you are eager to learn how to eat fresh lamb the perfect way. It is true, that to eat fresh lamb, you have to cook it the same day you have purchased it. Storing it in the freezer and cooking it after several days may not have the same taste and freshness. So, if you are game to discover how to eat fresh lamb, then, here go my tips and strategies for you –eating-fresh-lamb-meat

Buying the right lamb

One thing I would like to share with you is that the lamb cuts which you get in the supermarket are usually the freezer stored ones. I would thus, always suggest you to go for an organic lamb. Organic lamb is a lamb that’s fed with grass. This tastes much different than a regular lamb and the meat definitely tastes much fresher and tastier. A good idea would be to make a trip to the local lamb selling farm to get a freshly butchered lamb. If you have to buy packaged lamb, make sure the package is not punctured and also check the dates to ensure the freshness of the product.

Determining a fresh lamb

If you want to know how to eat fresh lamb, then, you should also learn how to determine if a raw lamb is fresh or not. Always pick a lamb that’s pinkish in color. Avoid the pale or the red ones. Also, it’s always a good thing to pick lamb meat cuts with moderate amount of fat marbling. This will ensure you not only eat a fresh lamb but also a juicy and a tender meat.

Cooking the lamb fresh

To get the best out of your lamb meat, cook it within few hours of purchasing the meat. Wash the lamb cuts in water thoroughly and then pat them dry with paper towels. Then, you can cook your lamb in any way you like. From grilling to roasting and from currying to braising, you can cook lamb the way that best pleases your taste buds. But remember, if you want to enjoy the fresh meat of a lamb, go for organic lamb cuts and cook them without storing them away for long.

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How To Eat Fresh Lamb