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How to Eat Creme Brulee

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Before you learn how to eat crème brulee, you must first learn, what exactly crème brulee is and how it originated and became popular like the way it is to this day. Crème brulee is basically a French delicacy, a sweet food item, which literally means “burnt cream”. This is a rich dessert which is made with custard. The topping of the custard is a hard caramel, which forms a hard contrasting layer above the soft and light colored custard. eating-creme-brulee-with-spoon

Origin of crème brulee

The exact origin of this French dessert is still unknown. However, the earliest reference to this dish has been found in a 1961 cookbook, which was written by François Massialot. In 1731, crème brulee got a new name “crème anglaise” and later in the 18th century, the English term for this French dessert was coined as “burnt cream”.

Eating crème brulee in different flavors

Generally, people prefer eating crème brulee after flavoring the custard with vanilla. This is called the classic crème brulee. However, these days the modern chefs are using their own culinary creativities to whip up this french dessert in different flavors. So, now besides eating vanilla crème brulee, you will also know how to eat crème brulee in different other flavors like orange, lemon, chocolate, fruit, coffee, rosemary, liqueurs and so on.

Some tips on how to eat crème brulee

One popular sister of crème brulee is crema catalana or Catalan cream. This is the Catalan crème brulee which is traditionally eaten on Saint Joseph's Day. If you are willing to discover how to eat crème brulee on this special Catalan occasion, then cook the custard, flavored with orange zest, cinnamon or lemon, like it is traditionally done, and then, eat it cold. Crème brulee is traditionally eaten cold. However, if you want to explore how to eat crème brulee in different ways, then, I would also suggest you to try out hot crème brulee, like they eat it in North America.Usually, this custard dessert is served in ramekins or small to medium sized custard cups. You just have to scoop out the creamy dessert in small portions and relish it. This delicious dessert is best savored after a French meal for lunch or dinner.

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How To Eat Creme Brulee