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How To Eat Duck Confit

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I learnt how to eat duck confit from one of my friends who is fond of French cuisine. I had heard a lot Tips on how to eat duck confitabout this French dish, but never had the opportunity of eating it – moreover I didn’t know how to eat it. Duck confit is a delicacy which is prepared with duck leg. There are a number of ways of eating duck confit – you can devise your own way of eating this dish too, as long as you enjoy the food.

• If you wish to eat duck confit on regular basis but do not want to run to your supermarket every time, you can keep duck confit in cans at home. Eat them whenever you feel like having them.
• The flavored fat of duck confit can also be eaten with other foods. You can eat this fat with green beans, cultivated mushrooms, savory toasts and many other vegetables which you prefer to eat.
• You will also enjoy duck confit with any kind of food which is prepared with egg. This means you can eat duck confit with scrambled eggs and also omelettes.
• You can eat it with quiches and also with shortcrust paste for tarts.
• If you are eating duck confit as your evening snack, you can eat it with red cabbage.
• Duck confit can also be had with chilled wine. It is really very refreshing!
• Potatoes are also loved with duck confit – in fact they are always served along with duck confit. The crisp taste of the potatoes which get the fat flavor is very mouth-watering.
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How To Eat Duck Confit