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How to Eat a Crawfish

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Eating crawfish is a delight! Do you want to know how to eat a crawfish? Well, it’s not that hard trust me! Here’s how to eat a crawfish How To Eat crawfish
Things needed for eating crawfish
Metal claw cracker or knife (optional)
How to Eat a Crawfish
Step 1: Take out the freshly-cooked crayfish from the boiling water or grill. Cool them till they're safe to touch without getting burnt.
Step 2: Take hold of the body of the crayfish and twist off the head.
Step 3: Remove the top part of the tail's shell (that was closest to the head). Pinch the end of the tail and pull off the bottom part from the meat.
Step 4:  Get rid of the black vein on the back of the tail with a knife, or by hand.
Step 5: With metal claw crackers crack open the claws on the widest part of the claws.
Step 6: Eat the crayfish on their own, or pair them with sides such as potatoes, fresh bread, or corn on the cob. Serve lemon wedges or melted butter to complement the meat if desired.

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How To Eat A Crawfish