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How to Eat Tempura?

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Tempura, light Japanese batter fried seafood or vegetables that are a delight to eat!! If you haven’t tried tempura then here is some interesting information about how to eat tempura. I am sure once you figure out the intricacies of preparing and eating tempura you won’t wait too long before you try it out yourself!

An Assortment of Crab Claws and Fish Tempura 
Where is Tempura from?
The present day Tempura owes its fame to the Japanese Cuisine but in reality the origin of this tempura can be tracked back to the Portuguese missionaries that reached Japan in the 16th century. But the Japanese obviously adapted and modified the tempura to suit their culinary culture and needs. The tempura of today has become an archetypal Japanese food because of the usage of fresh ingredients, elegant presentation and immaculately perfect cooking technique. The tempura is thus known for its wonderful flavor and lack of heaviness associated with fried food.
How is Tempura made?
True to Japanese culinary culture, only the freshest of vegetables and seafood is used to make Tempura. The original tempura batter is made out off flour, eggs and ice cold water but the trick lies in the stirring of the batter and the temperature at which the batter dipped vegetables or seafood are fried. Make sure that the batter is not stirred too much and that the batter is thin, lumpy and full of air bubbles. You can achieve this by mixing the batter swiftly. When frying the tempura use high quality sesame oil and ensure that you fry for the right amount of time at 360 degrees. The final tempura should be crisp and golden brown.
Vegetable Tempura made from potatoes 
There are various modifications of the original tempura like the Beer Tempura batter and Golden Tempura Batter It is up to you to experiment with your batter, just ensure that the Here is a brilliant video on how to make crispy light tempura at home! 

How to Eat Tempura?
You can serve your tempura as appetizers or as a side-dish that is served right before rice. You can also serve the vegetable and seafood tempura over a bed of rice along with pickles and soup. Most popular seafood tempuras are made from prawns, squid, shrimp, scallops, and other kinds of fish. The vegetable tempura are made from eggplant, lotus root, green pepper, sweet potato, squash, shiitake mushroom, onion, shiso (perilla) leaf, and even carrot. You can experiment with the vegetables and seafood available to you.
 Golden Brown and Crispy Prawn tempura
My favorite is seafood tempura, especially oyster tempura served with lemon and soy. You can also try other sauces. Here is a typical sauce used for Seafood Tempura. You can serve your tempura sauce with some grated radish or even replace the sauce with just salt and lemon. If you are using a sauce don’t soak the tempura in it for a long time lest it looses its original crunchiness.
The last but the most important tip when it comes to eating tempura is that you always eat them hot!  Often at specialty restaurants that serve only tempura the chef will scoop out the fried tempura directly from the oil and serve it into your plate!
Now all that you have to do is……Enjoy your tempura!!!
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How To Eat Tempura?